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academic regulations and policies


Student's Responsibility and Conduct Each student is responsible for knowledge the rules, regulations, academic requirements and disciplinary policies of AUB. He/She is expected to behave in accordance with good moral values and the rules and regulations of AUB either in campus or outside. Politics, grouping, procession, agitation, strikes and other similar activities are completely prohibited in campus, which are punishable as per disciplinary rules and regulation of AUB. Satisfactory Performance A student is deemed to have a passing grade if he/she earns a CGPA of at least 2.00. Good Standing Status A student is in a good standing status who is up-to-date by paying all his/her fees in time and is not probation or dismissed from AUB (a) Academic Probation A student whose CGPA is below 2.00 but not less than 1.70 is placed on academic probation during the following semester. A student on academic probation may be restricted in the number or type of courses for which he/she is permitted to register during the probitionary period. (b) Dismissal A student will lose his/her status as a student on any of the following grounds: (i) When a student's CGPA falls below 1.70 or he/she fails to earn a GPA of 2.00 or better during two subsequent probitionary semesters, the student concerned will be dismissed from AUB. (ii) When a student breaks his/her active studies for a semester without written permission of AUB. (iii) When a student fails to clear his/her dues in time. (iv) when a student violets rules and regulations of AUB, both relating to AUB as a whole or to the respective school and/or department. AUB reserves the right to dismiss or exclude any student from any of its class and/or programs whenever such action is deemed appropriate in the interest of the student or AUB. Repeat or Retake of Course (a) A student who obtains grade ‘C' or ‘C+' in a course may repeat the course to improve his/her grade only once after the semester in which the relevant grade is obtained. When a course is improved, the transcript shows the best grade for the course, but it should be completed within two consecutive semesters. (b) A student who obtains grades D & F should retake his/her respective courses within two consecutive semesters without which he/she will not be allowed to resister for the following semester. The student who intends to repeat or retake a course will be required to pay the prescribed course fees. Transcripts Official transcripts of student records are issued upon a written request of a student or former student who has paid all fees that are payable to AUB at the time the request is made. A fee of Tk. 100/- (one hundred) is charged for each semester transcript. When more than one transcripts are requested at the same time, Tk. (one hundred) is charged for the first transcript and Tk. 50/- (fifty) only is charged for each additional copy will cost Tk. 200/- (two hundred) only. Credit Transfer A student studying or having completed the same program in another recognized institution or transferring from one program to another within AUB, may apply for credit transfer. The transfer of the relevant credits is subject to approval of the Equivalence Committee or the respective departments. Besides, there is a credit transfer fee of Tk. 4,000/- (four thousand) only for overseas studies. Equivalence of Courses There is an Equivalence Committee to determine the equivalence of different certificates, degrees and diplomas for entry into AUB programs, or for credit transfer. Academic Honesty A student is required to maintain academic honesty in all his/her studies and works. Cheating or unauthorized assistance in examinations, assignments, term papers, or thess will be subjected to disciplinary action. Disciplinary Action There is a Disciplinary Board to take action in cases involving politics, grouping, agitation, strikes, and the violation of academic honesty, good conduct, and any rules and regulations of AUB or of departments/schools. Application for Graduation Candidates for graduation must apply to the Registrar by the end of the sixth week in the semester preceding their final semester. Right to Change AUB reserves the right to change or modify admission and program requirements, rules, regulations, and fee structures. Such changes and modifications will be effective for both new and existing students, as AUB authorities may decide form time to time.