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Seminar on Rabindranath and Nazrul

A Seminar on "Amader Rabindranath, Amader Nazrul" will be organized on 15th July, 2011 by Bengali Dept. at Ayesha Auditorium, AUB

Seminar on Open Source

A Seminar on Open Source will be organized jointly by Foundation for Open Source Solution Bangladesh (FOSS) and Asian University Computer Club (AUCC) on July 27, 2011 at Ayesha Auditorium, AUB

Workshop on Computer Technology and Outsourcing

he above workshop will be held on 13 June 2013 Thursday at 10:30 AM at Ayesha Auditorium of AUB.

The workshop will be conducted by CSE Dept. of AUB and APTECH Worldwide.

Seminar on Image Based Human Recognition

A seminar on Image Based Human Recognition and Sleep Apnea Treatment is going to be organized by the Asian University Computer Club (AUCC), Department of CSE

International Advisors of AUB


- An International council of Advisors has been formed to advise AUB in its academic programs. The council consists of academicians from different universities of Australia, Canada, Malaysia and United States of America, who have considerable personal experience in education.

- The honourable advisors are:


Dr.Ian Small
Head , Distance Education Center,
The University of New England,
Dr.Masud Chowdhury
University College of Cape Breton,
Nova Scotia.
Dr.Kabir Hasan
University of New Orleans,
The University of New England,
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Dr.Anis Chowdhury
University of Western Sydney,
Dr.Mohammad Ansari
Athabasca University,
Los Alberta, Canada.
Dr.Mohammad Abdur Rashid
International Islamic University,



Seminar on Searching for a Phillips Curve for Bangladesh: An Econometrics Analysis

The Department of Economics organized a seminar on Searching for a Phillips Curve for Bangladesh: An Econometrics Analysis on November 24, 2011, at Ayesha Auditorium, AUB.

Returning to Roots - Channel I

Fostering this slogan Channel I has started a searching talents. Asian University of Bangladesh arranged a program 0n 27th December in Ayesha Auditorium.